St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
Diocese of the West
Icon & Bookstore

We welcome you to stop by and take a look at our new Icon & Bookstore.  It offers a small variety of books, Bibles, accessories, mounted Icons of Christ, the Holy Theotokos, St. George, and special Orthodox Christian Feast days.

The bookstore is open on Sundays, immediately after the Divine Liturgy and is located in the lobby.

St. George Icon & Bookstore has books for children, adults, and families. Here, you can find books and pamphlets about prayer and meditation, the history and teachings of the Orthodox Church, Lent and Holy Week Service books, and a number of reading materials. Most books are available in English, and a small selection is also available in Arabic.

Baptismal candles and Holy Marriage Crowns can be special ordered at the bookstore. These special order items require an order form, prepayment, and a 4-week waiting period.

You may see our offerings and prices here.  Please note that this list does not guarantee that the Icon/book will be in stock. 

Thank you for your interest.