St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
Diocese of the West
Sunday School

Our Church School students are provided with a comprehensive curriculum that adheres to the standards set forth by the Antiochian Archdiocese.  Each weekly lesson follows the liturgical calendar readings whereby students are asked to apply the Gospel of the day to their daily lives.  Classes are structured with opening and closing prayers, review of the prior week's assignment, crafts and activities (for Class I & Class II), and teaching of hymns.  Students are also taught the parts of the Divine Liturgy so that they may participate more in the worship services.  Teachers also work with their students on church etiquette as well as the Orthodox way of life.
Immediately following Holy Communion, the students and their teachers enter their classrooms for 45 minutes of instruction; classes are dismissed at 12:20, the earliest.  Students are provided with water and light snacks that are donated by family members. 

Classes are classified according to the following age divisions:

Class I: PK-K (ages 4 & 5)
Class II: 1st-3rd (ages 6 -8)
Class III: 4th-5th (ages 9 &10)
Class IV: 6th-8th (ages 11-13)
Class V: 9th-12th (ages 14-18)

Students are expected to:
+ be at church on time
+ complete weekly assignments
+ respect their teachers at all times
+ respect their fellow classmates
+ attend school weekly with little to no absences
+ participate in class work and activities
Educational Standards by Grade

Official registration for the Church School year is held during the second week of August every year.  Although the official registration ends in October, teachers continue to accept new students throughout the church year.  Parents are encouraged to register their children at the beginning of the year to maximize their educational experience.  Parents are also asked to review the class work sent home with their children and to decrease the amount of absences from church so that their children may benefit from the worship services as well strengthen their Orthodox Christian education.
The teachers of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church School look forward to teaching your children and enriching their Orthodox way of life.
Our Church School Director is Khourieh Elaine Manneh and her team includes volunteer teachers who embrace your child's Orthodox Christian education with the fervor of the Faith.